The Historic Spreckels Building lobby boasts a grand entrance for its tenants and guests. With entrances directly into two of its six restaurants, tenants and their guests don’t have to go far to enjoy the retail amenities.

The historic six-story office building offers spacious hallways, restrooms on every floor, and inner stairwells between floors. With three passenger elevators and a freight elevator for the building, tenants can easily get to and from their offices without delay.

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The Spreckels Theatre has been in almost continuous operation since its official opening on August 23, 1912. It was commissioned by sugar magnate John D. Spreckels to commemorate the opening of the Panama Canal for the Pan American Exposition held in San Diego in 1915.

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The Horton Plaza, Federal Building, Gaslamp District, as well as restaurants, hotels, parking lots, and shops contribute to this safe and bustling environment. These in turn generate the lively and dynamic atmosphere that makes downtown such an exciting place to work and enjoy the arts. San Diegans who are searching for a place to setup their office look for a busy, welcoming, and clean location. The Historic Spreckels Building is proud to offer a spacious and unique office environment.

We are looking for new tenants who seek proximity to the center of San Diego and want a workplace that is easy to access. Our prospective tenants are dynamic people who want an attractive environment in a classic architectural setting full of old world charm with modern conveniences. The Spreckels Building offers all this and an on-site parking garage. The Historic Spreckels Building offers both office space and commercial store front space at street level. We offer a range wide of sizes from 224 sf executive suites with high ceilings and storage space, all the way up to a suite covering half or a full floor.

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